Rites of Passage and Blessings

Perhaps you believe in life after death...
   but what about life before death? What about many lives before death?
It may sound preposterous, but the fact is that we all go through many lives and many deaths in the course of our lifetime.

There is life before school, then everything changes when we start school. It can be traumatic at first; we lose the protective familiarity of home and parents, but our world becomes bigger, more challenging, more exciting. It doesn’t stop there of course. Just when we have become the wise old kids at primary school, we have to start all over again in the bigger and harder secondary. And so it goes: getting adult size clothes, leaving home, getting a job, becoming a parent, a grandparent, retirement. And along the way we go through changes – graduation, moving home, promotion – and at each turn we have to reinvent ourselves, while our old self is consigned to the photograph album. This is our life. What a gift it is, this brilliant earthly existence. Don’t let it pass you by. Celebrate it.

It deserves more than a hangover and some embarrassing photographs. Whatever it is you want to celebrate, Kit will work with you to make it an occasion to remember. If you want to talk about it, just get in touch.


Words can hurt. Words can heal. Words have power.

Sometimes a place - or a person - needs a spiritual Spring-clean to get rid of those dusty old cobwebs of times gone by, to make a fresh start. This is not about good luck or prosperity, although these things may follow. It's about our finer feelings, the sensitivity to our more subtle senses. There are hidden depths to our lives.

Maybe you have a home or a situation that wants to be healed of its old sorrows. If you feel this way, talk to Kit. Get in touch.

holding light in darkness

Kit Handford is the professional name of
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