Pet Funerals

O Lord of all creation,
who made everything good,
teach us to love what you have made.

Help us to see you in the stars and planets,
the trees and flowers, the rocks and the rivers,
and especially in these pets of ours
you have entrusted to our care.

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When a pet dies, it may be left with a vet for disposal. The vet must see that this is done efficiently at reasonable cost to the owner. The body is hygienically sealed and kept cool until it can be collected and incinerated with other waste materials, before being sent to a landfill site.

There are other options.

Many people think that the pet they have loved for so long should be treated with as much love in death as they gave it in its life.

It is possible for a pet to be individually cremated and its ashes returned to its owner. A variety of beautiful containers are available for this. Alternatively the ashes may be scattered or interred, and the place marked with a stone or a plaque. The pets corner at Haycombe Cemetery provides a place where a pet may be buried with dignity and respect

Kit says: β€œIt is my personal belief that love is stronger than death, and we will all one day be reunited with everyone we have loved – including animals. But whatever it is you believe, you can bid a fitting farewell in your own way to the pet you loved.”

Kit Handford is a qualified funeral celebrant with a level 3 diploma from Devon-based Green Fuse Funeral Training. He can:

  • Meet with the owner and family
  • Advise on cremation or burial
  • Make all necessary arrangements
  • Create and conduct a bespoke ceremony that is unique to your pet, and which respects your beliefs.
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If you would like to talk to Kit about the death of a pet, please call 01225 240218.
You are under no obligation to accept any services.

Kit Handford is the professional name of
Clifford Smith, 12 Alma Street, Trowbridge, Wiltshire BA14 7EX