Beautiful and memorable ceremonies for the passing of a life,
the start of a new life,
and for every turn along life's journey.

Independent celebrant serving Bath and West Wiltshire

man before the sun Funerals, Memorial Services
wedding couple Weddings, Civil Partnerships, Handfastings
baby Baby Naming and Thanksgiving
candles Rites of Passage and Blessings


Not so long ago, if you wanted to get married, baptize children, or have a funeral, it would always be in a place of worship - a church, a synagogue, a mosque.

Times change, people today are often not so sure that traditional religions have all the answers. People may feel spiritual but not religious. Sometimes there are different religions within the same family, so it is not straightforward knowing which religious tradition to follow.

That was why organisations such as Green Fuse emerged to train a new breed of independent celebrant, to create individual ceremonies tailored to fit with what the client believes, all done to the client's exact specifications, with style and with beauty.

These ceremonies may be carried out in civic buildings, hotels, rented halls, crematorium chapels, at home or in the open air. An independent celebrant is the perfect choice for an open-air wedding, or a woodland burial, a house blessing, a coming of age ceremony or a non-religious ceremony to welcome a new baby into the world. If you want to mark the occasion - any occasion - a celebrant will make it meaningful.

Kit Handford's understanding is that under the surface we are all one, whatever religion, class or nationality, and that love knows no boundaries. That is why everything he does is done with love and care.

Kit Handford is the professional name of
Clifford Smith, 12 Alma Street, Trowbridge, Wiltshire BA14 7EX